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La Misión de nuestra ONG

MCAS is a leading Arabic language center committed to teaching Arabic as a foreign language in order to open a window to the culture of any Arabic-speaking country. MCAS is also the most-trusted program provider for volunteering and internships in many areas. MCAS is dedicated to offering a quality and customized program through which we connect talented volunteers with those in need.
Our mission is to expand opportunities through education, empowering our students to speak and use the language confidently with ease. Through engaging in immersive courses in modern standard Arabic, media, and Moroccan colloquial Arabic, students gain significant insight into Moroccan society, politics, literature, and religion, as well as Morocco’s relationships with the West and within the Arab world. We equip our students with the prerequisite skills to deepen their understanding not only of Morocco but of the wider Arab world.

Rabat Marruecos